Anuel Energy Uganda is a privately held renewable energy company headquartered in Kampala. Our business deploys solar energy systems that meet the energy needs of the markets we serve; and invests in profitable renewable energy and energy efficient solutions.

The goal of Anuel Energy is to impact 1million Ugandans by 2020. In the process, the company hopes to become the No.1 partner of choice for off-grid installations in the Household | Commercial | Institutional Solar segments in Uganda.

We are committed to become a leading clean lifestyle brand creating & stocking products that are affordable, quality, effective, safe, accessible and responsible.

In pursuit of this mission to empower African communities to live a healthy and happy life, the Anuel Energy portfolio already boosts 10+ products addressing the ever-growing clean energy needs of our customers.

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Did you know?...

"In 14 and a half seconds, the sun provides as much energy to earth as humanity uses in a day."

Proff. Kirk R. Smith UC - Berkeley

"There are no magic bullets that will save all of our greeenhouse gas problems, but replacing kerosene lamps is low-hanging fruit."