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Approximately 1.2 billion people worldwide (2014) living in developing countries have no access to clean, reliable and affordable energy. Of those 600 million live in Africa.

In Uganda, access to electricity at national level is very low with 15% of the nation covered, (2013) but only 7% in rural areas. Uganda currently has one of the lowest per capita electricity consumption in the world with 215 kWh per capita per year.

A total of 93% of rural households without access to electricity are currently using traditional lighting technologies such as candles or kerosene lamps that give poor quality lighting, emit noxious fumes and present hazards in terms of fires or burns (in particular for small children).

Furthermore, the majority of social institutions (e.g. schools and health centres) in rural areas do not have access to electricity, which leads to inferior health and education services in comparison to electrified institutions.