Anuel's Esteemed Partners

Enterprise Uganda

Helps people succeed in Business. Enterprise Uganda provides an integrated and comprehensive range of business development services (BDS) such as entrepreneurship training, business advisory and counseling service. In the selection of target beneficiaries, emphasis is given to existing companies with growth potential. Enterprise Uganda is our training and counselling service partner for the Community Energy Entrepreneurship project. Click here to Read More

Sun Transfer Germany

This company designs and installs solar systems for off-grid-areas in developing countries since 2005. With the practical experience gained over the years, they provide the best service for sustainable off-grid solutions. Sun Transfer is our product partner for bulbs and pay as you go technology.Click here to Read More


This is consulting firm of entrepreneurs dedicating their experience and knowledge to providing strategic and operational support to corporations, organisations and social entreprises striving for social and environmental changes. Sevea are our consulting partners with support from the Solar Energy Foundation.Click here to Read More

Solar Energy Foundation

Otherwise known as Stiftung Solarenergie, is a German foundation working for rural development and poverty alleviation by providing solar energy. The foundation focuses on people who do not have access to clean, reliable and sustainable energy. The objective of the foundation is to combine social and financial sustainabilityClick here to Read More